People of the World and their Creations 

The path I take daily
Is not by choice
But by consequences
Ones laid upon me my others
Ones that form a life for me
One that is not chosen by me
As I look around I see
These manifestations of someone elses decisions
Forced upon us as creations
Asking of us to believe in them
For they are the answers to our lives
As well as theirs
There is no one answer to this all
But yet there is one to save us all
From a fate of lies and deceit
From a life of masks and defeat
A life which is what we deserve
The one I want is the one we all preserve
But we cannot realize that so simply
We have to break, shed, tear and rip apart ourselves and others
To see us clearly
And find ourselves entirely
We are each one, ones meant for each other
Yet we believe we all have different paths
Paths that we deserve and we think that are better than others
We will continue to fall,
where we see success and glory
There is where we fall
It is not our own story we create
But it is a story with a role meant for all,
It is a story to save us all
It is a story that unravels on its own
As people see each other for what they are
And not for what they own.